Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prints Charming

 This was a fun post because I wore a mix of new, basic, treasured and favorite things all mashed up! The lighting is not the best, but we were already running late and I wanted to capture the moment any way!  The most storied clutch, makes a debut in this post.  It belongs to my mother and I have been waiting to get my hands on it since I can remember!! I found it tucked in my things when I returned home from our visit last summer.  I promise to return it as I feel like there might be a screenplay about it in the mix soon.  Can you see it now?  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Clutch From the 70's?  I also wore one of my favorite statement necklaces found here!! 

What about you?  How do you mix your looks?  Favorite items, treasured items, high end, low end, vintage, etc.?

Poor lighting but the best photo of my mom's vintage leather clutch!

Tank-Target, Statement Necklace-GS Lillian, Vintage Clutch-My Mom's, Skirt/Sandals-Old Navy, Bangle-SJP Bitten


  1. i love this outfit on you. you look so toned and beautiful in that white tank, and the print of the skirt is beautiful. and your mom's clutch is great!

  2. You know my favorite thing is that GS Lillian necklace! I love the colors and as usual... you look great!

  3. Love all of your accessories. dont really have a formula for how I mix my pieces. I just put on what makes me happy :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) God Bless

  4. Stunning my friend, stunning!

  5. you are just too precious for words. and ps - you do NOT look old enough to have three kiddos! xo

  6. I love this outfit! Mom's bag looks fantabulous! Way to rock a new look with vintage accessories!

    Love ya,
    Nicky ;)

  7. this is a pretty outfit Shon!